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Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Secret She Kept by Amelia Carr

As it was an Advance Reading Copy I was sent to review by Newbooks Magazine, there is no blurb on the back of my copy telling me what this novel is about, or what to expect.  This always makes for an exciting adventure within the pages and this book is no disappointment. I will focus on the barebones of the story but concentrate on how I enjoyed it, so as not to give any spoilers.
The story jumps between the 1950’s and the late 1980’s. We have Fliss and Jo who are sailing partners and best friends. When Fliss finds herself pregnant in the 1950’S she has no alternative but to marry Martin. We really get a bit of social history because the narrative tells us about the cars, the house and also people’s perception at the time. We also know about the emotions of heartbreak surrounding young girls who had to have babies adopted.
 In the 1980’S are introduced to Emma and we follow her journey for the search of the truth.  We follow her onto the Jubilee Sailing trust’s boat The lord Nelson, where she becomes a watch leader and becomes friends with a young disabled woman called Mel.  
Amelia Carr transforms us from one era, to another and keeps us attached to all of the characters in the most substantial way. I found myself being so attached to this book, I was even stirring the dinner whilst reading, so unable to leave it, it is a real page turner. I feel that Emma is my own personal  friend; I cared so very much about her and her story.
There is no disappointment in this emotional page turner, it has several ‘love stories’ for the romantics amongst us, lots of interest for those who like a bit of social history and plenty of emotional action and the twist and turns would make Agatha Christie jealous! 
Personal Read 5 : Reading Group 5
The Commuting Bookworm 06/09/12

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