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Monday, 1 October 2012

Move Over Darling By Christine Stovell

Coralie Casey is haunted by her past, moves to the marvellous close knit community of Penmorfa, where she builds her business of Sweet Cleans, and all natural cleaning and beauty products based on her Grandmas formulas.

Gethin Lewis is an internationally acclaimed artist originally from Penmorfa now residing in New York, who returns to the village to settle his late father estate. The locals think that Gethin has betrayed them both in his work and also in they way he wants nothing to do with the village.

The village has a village hall that need renovating but they have no money. Gethin, feels attracted to Coralie, and knows from past experience if he can paint the girl he will work the attraction out of his system. Therefore he offers the village a painting that they can auction and get the money they so desperately need. There is only one catch, the subject has to be Coralie and she has to go to New York to sit for him.

There are many sub – stories running through this will they or wont they, roller coaster of a novel. Christine Stovell has the gift of interweaving the characters and getting the reader to care about all of them. She uses the colour of Coralies retro clothes to exenterate the happy and sad emotions of the story.

As the secrets of all become unravelled, the truth is exposed as are the true feelings of them all, they reader is rewarded with being the fly on the wall in this small village life, as if we there. A wonderful story by an amazing author who gives us her all.

The Commuting Bookworm 01/10/12

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