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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

104LBS to go!

This ladies and gentlemen is how much I have to loose in weight. Thats 8 stone! Half of me now, to go. 104lbs does not in my mind sound as huge as 8 stone, and given that it is a higher number, I can't work out the rational. However, given I am such a large lady, its hard to imagine my whole personality fitting into such a small body!

I went to the gym last night and it felt good. I went a bit later and therefore, avoided the big boys and therefore did not feel so intimadated. I was trying to work through my Shoulders and arms excercises as given to me by my personal trainer, (who until I am a success will remain nameless becuase if I fail it won't be his fault.) Anyway I degress, I got to some of the excercises and I had forgotten how to do them. I have come to the conclusion if I ever get to the Bodybuilder stage, my brain will be as huge as a planet to remember this lot of information.

I did want to go to the gym tonight but my husband wants to have dinner together tonight. In the interest of happy relations I will give in tonight, however, I need to gently become more selfish and get him to realise that gym first. I think it will be easier once he has started his training plan.  He is cooking me a new vegan meal tonight, that although I would normally avoid like the latest flu epademic, however, it did smell quite good last night when he made it for himself so I will give it a go and it is full of protien.

I will let you know the outcome.

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