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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Independent Publisher Choc Lit scores again

Run Rabbit Run by Kate Johnson: Choc-Lit
Sophie Green is an ex-spy. An MI5 officer has been shot dead with her gun, her fingerprints are all over his office, but she swears she is innocent. Her boyfriend Luke Sharpe is tall, tanned, sexy and does not do commitment, he is a MI6 spook, or was until his girlfriend Sophie kills, again.

Jack de Valera, English by birth, but lives as a bounty hunter in the US, until he is framed for the murder of a Supreme High court judge, Irene Shepherd, he is on the run, all the way into Sophie’s arms quite literally whilst she is camping in France, he steels her gun, ties her up, They connect dots and then they go on the run together.

This novel is a great read; it’s a cross between Chic Lit, Spooks and carry on spying. Its not to be taken too seriously but Johnson has done her research and treats her readers with respect. She pulls the strands in, with some great curve balls throw in to send you down the garden path.

There are however gaps, some could probably be plugged by reading her Sophie Green back catalogue, others like how does Sophie fly from JFK to London and then back again but keeping her gun? These need to be resolved or ignored in the readers mind.

Run Rabbit Run is Chic Lit with muscles, and therefore I would highly recommend it for a nice easy read, either whilst commuting, holidaying or just whilst soaking in the bath to relax. You will not be disappointed. 

The Commuting Bookworm 29/03/12

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