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Thursday, 21 June 2012

No Wonder it was short listed for The Melissa Nathan Award For Comedy Romance

An Autumn Crush by Milly Johnson
Juliet is looking for a flat mate and Coco her friend is helping her look and interview possible flatmates. Floz arrives late because she had to take a hedgehog to the vets!  Juliet has a twin brother who has a best friend called Steve who is into wrestling and dreams of making it big in America. Coco is gay, and looking for the man of his dreams. In short they have all suffered heartbreak, they are all very individual personalities. It does not sound like it but you have some great ingredients for a fabulously funny, romantic, heart warmingly, Tragic, uplifting story.

Coupled with secrets, misunderstandings and pre-conceived ideas, a bully, an alcoholic, a death, the eternal optimism of Juliet, the love of Steve and the strong friendship they all build leads us through a wonderful tale to a happy ending.

I loved this book, it was easy to read, not pretentious and it is true to life with some great one liners. With many of the situations, it is easy to see one in the same fixes, because of the same actions. There is no real nasty violence, no swearing and nothing dark or sinister about this story. If anyone is feeling a bit down, they should read this book, not for any other reason, than its great, its happy, its funny, its romantic without being slushy.

Its one of those rare books that could be read and enjoyed again and again. It has made me interested in reading Milly Johnson’s back catalogue.

I would give this a rating of 5/5 for both a personal read and also as a reading group read as there is loads to get your teeth into in discussions and you really would be laughing all over again!


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