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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Fall by Claire McGowan

Charlotte’s life could not get more perfect, she is to be married to her price charming, Dan in one weeks time, he a city trader and therefore money is not a problem and therefore the wedding was to be the fairytale day we all dream of. The diet was going well, her mother was driving her mad, but in one week it will all be happening, what she has lived for, planned for, her and Dan will become Mr & Mrs. But then the week before, Dan drags them off to a new club up town, where the events of that evening will see both of their lives turned upside down and inside out.

Keisha, is not a bad girl, just unlucky in love, but she loves her daughter, and in order to get her back she must make some tough decisions and complete the actions and just when she finally thought she got it all straight her mum dies in hospital. She is totally alone piecing together the events of one fateful night.

Keisha and Charlotte become reliant on each other for different reasons, and what with your friendly copper Haggerty this unwraps a psychological crime story that will have you staying up late, just to finish a bit more. McGowan knows how to slowly unwrap the story like a burlesque striptease, slowly, provocatively and she respects her readers and knows they are intelligent.

This a brilliant debut novel by someone who may well give Martina Cole a run for her money.

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