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Thursday, 10 May 2012

I’ll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Emily is different to most girls in her year, she has more depth, she cares about the environment and she can see beyond the surface. Therefore when a boy holds her hair whilst she is being sick outside the church, she does not notice his clothes, or his shabby hair.  Sam had not known anything other than travelling around with his abusive father, and his little brother who can’t breathe properly. So when he connects with Emily and her family, and they accept him and Riddle his little brother, it was only going to mean one thing once his father finds out. MOVING!

I’ll Be There, is part adventure, part introductory Chic Lit for teens, and part social study. Ultimately though it becomes a wonderful ‘will they or won’t they’ adventure, with some bits of subtle humour. When first reading this book, it is not overtly obvious that it is actually written for the teen market, the story is very structured and the characters are built, so that you slowly become attached. It is not all sugar coated candy although, there is sufficient real life stuff to make the story believable. Without writing any spoilers, there comes a point in this book that turns it into a real page turner for all.

I loved this book, I loved they way it all comes together with the many different facets of all personalities. The social problems it highlights, the medical problems, some of which are every day, but if you have lived with asthma you will understand what it is like and you can imagine what it would be like if it remains untreated. However, Sloan writes it so tantalizingly bit by bit, teasing you first, and then delivering the ending. Sloan knows her audience; she wraps all the characters up in the end, leaving no loose ends. There are many personalities that teenagers would be able to relate to in this story. I will be passing this on to a teenager cousin, and if you have any teenagers you need to buy for this year, then I would highly recommend this book for them, they will not be disappointed.

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