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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Istanbul Puzzle by Laurence O’Bryan

Sean Ryan is horrified to learn that his colleague and friend Alek Zegliwski was beheaded whilst on a routine job in Istanbul. British diplomat Isabel Sharp is assigned to accompany Sean whilst he is in Istanbul to identify the body. It soon becomes apparent that Sean’s life is in danger and  together they must work to prevent the spread of a deadly virus being released by terrorist’s.

The Istanbul Puzzle is a literary oil painting bringing to the reader the colours and essence of this very old city with a very rich and varied history. The words paint a rich tapestry that makes you want to book the next plane and go and see it for yourself. O’Bryans literary descriptions enable the reader to almost feel the heat and smell the smells.

The blurb on the paperback, tells the reader “An Electrifying conspiracy thriller which will entice fans of Scott Mariani, Bourne and Dan Brown” this is the understatement and does a dis-service to Laurence O’Bryan’s storytelling abilities. I think this author has a great future as a bestselling author in the future.

I loved this book, it keeps you turning the page and you become eager to finish it to find out the ending. Its exciting, colourful without being too wordy or heavy to enjoy.

The Commuting Bookworm 01/05/12

Update: Waiting for the next one : The Jerusalem Puzzle our January 2013!

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