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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Penny Bangle by Margaret James

Its 1942 and the war is on. Cassie is a skinny young women who Gran is worried about her being in Birmingham with all of the raids. Cassie is persuaded to go down to a farm in Dorset and become a Land girl.  She meets Francis, the twins Steven & Robert.

Steve is funny, friendly and happy to train Cassie in what to do, Robert just thinks she’s too skinny, week and a city runt to be of any use when he and his brother have to return to active service. Things change, Cassie falls for Roberts charm, but soon gets bored of being a land girl. Her and Frances decide to join up together into the ATS. The result is that Cassie becomes strong, confident but still very much in love with Robert. They are both stationed in North Africa and get time together where he proposes. 

With Africa won, Cassie gets sent back to Blighty and Robert goes on to Italy, where he goes missing in action and is believed to be dead. Back in Blighty Steven is there and has fallen for Cassie. But he struggles with the fact he can not return to active service but instead is behind a desk in London.

The Penny Bangle is the third book in a trilogy (The Silver Locket (1) and The Golden Chain (2)) However, even though I have not read the 1st two I still was able to follow the story lines and this delightfully written book has inspired me to go back and read the 1st two.

Robert Denham who Cassie loves is somewhat like a Yorkie bar, he is solid, dependable and it would take a lot to break him. Steven, however reminds me of a Kit Kat caramel because even he’s not sure of who or what he is. The Penny Bangle is everything that you would expect from Choc Lit publications. It does not disappoint and exceeds all expectations.

The Commuting Bookworm 31/05/12

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  1. I loved the book - especially the war scenes that were so very real. A wonderful, and realistic, romance.